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We deliver TV channels at high quality and ensure personalized TV watching experience to every subscriber. To access CTV services, you need only internet speed min of 512 Kb/sec. It can be either 3G net or LTE, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Due to modern technological solutions our subscribers can manage video content: recover missed part of ongoing TV program, return back the broadcast up to 48 hours, as well as record favorite programs for watching later on demand. With CTV you can find nearly limitless options for information and entertainment.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

EPG is a menu-based system that provides subscribers with continuously updated menus displaying information about previous, current and upcoming TV programs. Going through EPG you can see TV programs titles, descriptions, start and end time.

Catch-Up TV

This option enables subscribers to scroll backwards through the EPG to stream any TV program that was broadcast within 48 hours. With Catch up option you will never miss your favorite TV programs and movies.

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Pause/Restart Live TV

With Pause/Restart options you can manage the live broadcast. Pause Live TV option allows to pause the broadcast and return to view later, Restart option allows to restart watching the current program from the very beginning.

Video on Demand (VoD)

By subscribing to ZipTV services you will get access to our huge Video Library: movies, cartoons, theatre performances, concerts and music videos of various genres. In our Video Library we also launched a special section where you can find movies from the world famous online movie theatres.


Recording option lets you record live broadcasting as well as upcoming TV programs directly on your ZipTV network storage and allows watching the programs later on demand.


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